Phatzoo - Think About The Way

I’ve had this song finished for almost a year now… To shame some people are sooooo bureaucratic and don’t want their music to evolve! Well well, I think this one will hit the dancefloor soooooon.. hehe

5 Responses to “Phatzoo - Think About The Way”

  1. Heard this in the dada life mix. SICK!!!!
    dariusm5 from youtube

  2. holy crap! I just heard this one and properly soiled myself. please let it come out asap!

  3. Huge

  4. Hey Man!!

    I’m a dj and producer from Italy, wanted to know when will this tune be released, it’s daaaamn amazing!!

    Great job!

    follow this link if u want to speak privately for some collaborations


  5. Will suffice to dishonour the person! Yours faithfully from Russia! GOOD MUSIC!

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