Featured on Tiesto’s Club Life

I’m glad to announce that Tiesto played Poop’n'Loop on his radio show Club Life.

Tiesto’s Club Life

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  1. I was listening Tiësto’s show, and, man that track is just banging! Really really great!
    When I was searching for a legal download I couldn’t find it, but instead of that, a track I could find was “Twisted Tweak”.
    You surely will not believe it, but I was searching for that track for months! One of my favorite DJ’s, Andy Hunter, played it at the Flevo Festival 2006.
    After that a fragment of it was used in a promo spot. Thát track became for me thé sound, the “image” of the most “heavy”, beautiful, trance night I ever had!

    So, keep up making this really great sounds. I’ll continue searching for a legal download of “Poop ‘n’ Loop”. (If it gets sold on beatport.com I’ll surely find it in a few days. I added you to my favorites on that shop)

    Best Regards,

    Leon van der Graaff

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